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Residential Light Switch and Electric Outlet Services

From dimmers to 3-way switches to nightlight outlets and more, Sands Electric in Collegeville, PA offers electrician services for all your electrical needs.  

Your switches and outlets don’t have to be boring!  With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, your electrical connections can be just as much a part of your decor as your favorite piece of art.  Go with a style that blends into the walls for concealability, or opt for outlets and switches with built in nightlight features for extra guidance in the dark.

Residential Light Switch Installation

Don’t like where your current switches are located?  We can move them.  Make your home as customized as you like with the help of Sands Electric.  We can relocate switches and outlets to better fit the flow of your room.  We can combine switch panels for more convenience.  We can add a switch or outlet to an area currently not wired with power.  However you want your home to function, we can help make it happen.  


When needing to change out, add, or repair a switch in your home or business, make sure to select the right one for its use.  There are about 5 types of switches most commonly used.

Electric Outlet Repair & Replacement

If you are a homeowner then you will most likely have an encounter with a faulty or broken outlet at one time or another.  Outlets can go bad just like any appliance or service in your home.  Outlets can get damaged from furniture or appliances banging into them, loss of power due to wiring connections feeding the receptacle, not holding a tight grip on the plug to malfunction, and more.  Outlets are typically found on lower parts of the wall so they can be easily disguised and hidden, but this location makes them more susceptible to wear and tear.

If you are experiencing an issue with any outlet in your home, call Sands Electric.  We can come out and check each outlet to ensure they are receiving the right amount of power.  We can also check to make sure all your outlets are holding a tight connection with your fixtures and appliances.  Loose connections can cause damage to the plug, appliance or fixture, and even lead to an issue with sparking or an electrical fire down the road. 

For issues with your switches, outlets, connections, and more- make sure to call Sands Electric.  We bring power to what matters.


What They Say

Here at Sands Electric, the job isn’t done until the customer is happy.

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  • From navigating through our hot attic to installing our fan a it’s own switch, JJ was great! He kept things neat and cleaned up. Thanks for the new fan!

  • Sands Electric was referred to me by a neighbor and was so great to work with! John addressed my questions, scheduled quickly, and accommodated a reschedule when I was sick.... read more

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