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LED Conversion Services

With energy prices on the rise, it’s a smart idea to change your home over to LED lighting.  LED lighting uses less power and less heat to achieve the same level of lighting.  Less power means lower energy bills.  Less heat means less cooling needed to regulate the temperature of your home. Converting your home to the reliability and efficiency of LED can save you an average of $200 per year. 

Is your home ready for an LED conversion?  You may be wondering if you can just switch out your old halogen light bulbs for LEDs.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  Lighting fixtures require certain kits to be installed in order to handle LEDs.  Rest assured, Sand Electric can handle your entire home’s LED conversion.  We inspect every light fixture and install the proper conversion kits based on the requirements of each unit.  When we are finished, your home will beem with the energy saving glow that will save you money with every flick of a switch.  

LED conversions can be done for both indoor and outdoor lighting.  Call Sands Electric today for your free LED conversion assessment and start saving on your energy bills!


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